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Publishing and the POOC, or, why we need open access

Isn’t everything up on the internet for free? Yes, most new books and articles appear in digital format, but NO-O-O they’re not (yet) mostly free. Libraries pay big bucks to license them, and the licenses require libraries to restrict access to narrow audiences (students, faculty, or people physically inside the library). Publishers sell journal articles […]

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Graduate Center Archivist John Rothman

John Rothman began to shape the Graduate Center’s Archive when he joined the staff on February 14, 2001. For the past 12 years, Mr. Rothman has offered form and description to the Graduate Center’s archive, now comprising about 390 linear feet.  After over 11 years of work with the raw data of the Graduate Center’s […]

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Elsevier Costs Too Much

When journals evolved from exclusive print formats into some variety of electronic hybrid, librarians valued the extra service their formats offered, and we justified paying more for them. Scientists in far-flung labs off campus enjoyed easier access to the journals they consult and publish in. Humanists steadily gained deeper access to primary and secondary sources. […]

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State to CUNY-NYPL: Drop Dead

When President Gerald Ford rebuffed New York City’s request for federal financial assistance in a financial crisis, The  Daily News ran its  famous headline October 29, 1975, “Ford to City: Drop Dead.” On a micro-level parallels between this situation and the one I discuss here are pretty slim, but that old headline can’t help but […]

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CUNY and the NYPL Central Library Plan

NYPL made public its general plans for Reimagining  the 42nd St. Schwarzman Building (now called the Central Library Plan or CLP) in February 2012 following December 2011 publication of Scott Sherman’s alarm in the Nation. Sherman condemns the plan as costly and ill-conceived. He alleges repeatedly and sensationally (e.g. on the WNYC Leonard Lopate show) […]

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